About us
About us

Mr Lee founded Hsinpow (Simple Machinery) in 1997. After gathering a decade of experience in the extrusion machinery field, Mr Lee saw an opportunity to start a brand of his own, that provides customers with many different types of extrusion and pelletizing machinery. Now Hsinpow have been in operation for over 20 years providing all different types of extruders to the market.

Starting with a focus on PP, PE and PS sheet extrusion, many different types of sheet extruder, co-extrusion lines and foam sheet extrusion machines have been exported around the world. After a few years of concentrating on the sheet extrusion market, Hsinpow decided to progress into other markets such as film extrusion using PEVA, and we have now shifted our research and development of new technologies to TPU extrusion. This means that now Hsinpow can provide various kinds of TPU extruder such as TPU lamination material extrusion, TPU film extrusion, TPU sheet extrusion, TPU compound resin extrusion and other TPU related machinery.

Why TPU?
Looking to the future with more and more of the world moving towards eco friendly and green products, Hsinpow have decided to put our focus into the TPU market. Most of the products that can be produced in PVC can also be produced with TPU, bringing many different environmentally friendly possibilities to the customer. For more information on TPU and it’s tremendous amount of uses and benefits compared with other materials click on the Why TPU link above.

Just TPU?
Even though going forward we plan on focusing on becoming the number one TPU processing machinery manufacturer on the market, we still have built up a wealth of knowledge on processing various other materials such as PET/PC/ABS/PLA/PP/PS/PLA/PE and many more. So if you are not specifically looking for TPU processing extruders, if you are looking to produce films, sheets or lamination we still have the machinery and over 30 years of experience in this market as well.

Why Hsinpow?
Taiwanese machinery is renowned for being top quality at lower prices than the competition. When purchasing some American or European machinery the quality is the same as the Taiwanese brands but there is a premium to pay for the brand name. With prices at around 40% of the American or European brand names, it’s important to consider Taiwanese manufacturers when purchasing extrusion machinery. Whatever we do, there is a focus on speed and efficiency. This is includes the running of our machinery, where after 10-15 minutes of starting up, our sheet/film extruders and lamination machines will be at full production capacity. Our extruders differ from the rest of the market as even if you are looking to run small amounts of product and often need to make changes to colour and type, all of this can be changed within 20 minutes to save your downtime costs and keep your machinery operating.

To show that our machinery is no different from the best around the world, we use the best parts possible for our extrusion lines. This proves the dedication that we have to provide quality TPU extrusion machines around the globe. Depending on the machinery we use these well-known suppliers

Extrusion Dies– Nordson EDI
Automatic control – Thermo Fisher
Gearboxes – Zambello
AC Invertor Motors – OEMER
Screen Changer – Nordson
Gear pump – Maag

After Sales Service
Every company says that they have great customer service, but we enshrine this into our company values. Hsinpow with our dedicated sales and after sales service networks will make sure that your extruders are always running.

After a machine is sold, if you require help with installation and learning how to operate the extrusion machine at optimum efficiency, we will be there to help. We want you to be using our machine long into the future, so we also share how to keep the machine in good working order and how to make basic repairs. If there are any issues, we target a slowest response rate of 3 days to send an engineer out anywhere around the world. We give our customers this commitment by writing these clauses into our contracts. Hsinpow will live up to your expectations and if you experience any problems, these become our problems, with our whole company mobilizing to resolve your issues in the quickest time possible.

Extrusion machinery and the finished products are an ever changing and evolving market. This is why we strive to meet the demands of consumers from all over the world by working with customers to constantly innovate new technologies. We have many years of customization experience

The Future of Hsinpow
We are a company that is expanding and has a bright future. We hope to get the opportunity to make you our partner so that we can grow together, developing the extrusion, lamination and TPU production capabilities to beyond what the world currently believes is possible.

Mechanical production process

Mechanical production process