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The TPU Laminating Machine is one of the premier products in our series. Perfect for specialist applications to products which require waterproofing, strengthening and durable attributes. 

● Able to co-operate with many plastic materials for the production of many laminated/adhesive products 
● Applicable for both substrate compounding and multilayer lamination
● Stable production capacity and customizable for individual customer applications
● Over 100 different customizable parameters
● High speed production
● Unique screw system to allow for optimum mixing
● Easy to use interface
● Able to reach full production capability within 10-15 minutes of startup
● Online, remote monitoring system
● Up to 66INCH
● Width of laminate up to 1676 mm, thickness of laminate up to 0.07 mm and a 1.5% tolerance 
● Lamination output up to 350 kg per hour
● Specially designed to process TPU

Diving gear, bags, allergy friendly items, hospital fluid transfer bags, airbags, projective jackets, crease proof bags, inflatable boats, tents, suitcases and more. water resistant, sweat wicking materials
Market / Installations
Lamination machines are in large demand around the world because of the qualities that lamination brings to untreated materials. Recently there has been a great demand for TPU lamination machines within Taiwan, Vietnam and the rest of South East Asia. It is in these markets with large volumes of clothing manufacturing and daily use product manufacturing that TPU lamination is really starting to replace the traditional lamination materials of PP, PE, EVA and PVC. This is because TPU is environmentally friendly and because the coloring properties of TPU are second to none when compared with other types of lamination materials. Also as lamination is placed on the outside of most items, this is also an important factor as it will affect the purchasability of the final product. The final main factor as to why many companies are switching to TPU lamination is because of the flexibility of TPU that allows it to be used in a wide range of applications, from clothes, to bags to sportswear and medical supplies. TPU is a material that should always be considered. 
Quality Parts
Quality products need quality parts and for our TPU lamination machines this is no exception. For this we have picked out three major European made components that ensure your TPU lamination is of the best quality. 

OEMER-AC inverter motor which controls the energy output of your machine. This allows your TPU lamination machine to save energy and reduce wastage leading to long term savings for the company. 

Zambello gearbox also helps to control the output of the machine and to ensure smooth operation. The gearbox is the heart of the machine. So reliability is paramount when choosing a gearbox. 

Thermo Fisher substrate thickness gauge, is used to make sure that your lamination materials have an even surface throughout the whole of the product. We understand that the final product requires a perfect finish so have chosen the German made thickness gauge to maximize the efficient use of TPU and to give your products the look your customers require.
Why TPU?
In order to understand why TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) has a big part to play in the future of plastic extrusion and lamination we must first understand TPU. The key to this is in the name. Being a thermoplastic means it can be molded above certain temperatures and will keep useful properties after cooling down. TPU can be used in injection molding, extrusion, lamination, blow molding, calendaring and more, making versatility the major benefit when working with TPU.  

Here at Hsinpow we concentrate on extrusion, with TPU lamination, films and sheets all made from our machinery. Here are some of the excellent qualities that TPU possess.

 Easily colored
 Versatility between rigid and flexible TPU 
 Great wear resistance 
 Breathability 
 Fire resistance
 Moisture barrier properties

Where can TPU be used?
If you look closely at all of these attributes, TPU lends itself to being great in a number of applications. This is why a great number of sports items are now laminated using TPU. The names and numbers on the back of sports jerseys. Sports shoes and shirts can also be made from TPU, letting air circulate keeping the sportsperson cool, while letting out sweat. Jackets that have the same qualities, but are also waterproof. 

Apart from sportswear, many famous brand name bag manufacturers use Hsinpow TPU lamination machinery to produce the inside lamination for luxury bags. Hospital fluid transfer bags are also made with TPU showing the durability and stability characteristics of the material. 

The uses for TPU don’t stop there! With car air bags and protective jackets protecting against bullets are also used by police forces and armies around the world and can be added to the inside linings of materials to keep the stiffness and rigidity, such as inflatable boats, tents and suitcases. If you have a product made from another type of plastic, consider replacing it with TPU for enhanced performance and quality. 

Manufacturing with TPU
TPU lamination machinery and extruders are already being purchased in high quantities in the manufacturing bases of Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and the rest of South East Asia, but with more and more manufacturing companies starting in the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe there are many opportunities for this type of extrusion all over the world. 

PVC is probably one of the most widely used plastics around right now. TPU can replace and outperform PVC in nearly all cases, so ask us now to get more information on how to convert your PVC manufacturing systems to TPU!

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